Toner Low

Toner Low 20 years anniversary T-shirts

With 20 years of Toner Low we decided to release a 20 years T-shirt design to celebrate. The print is based on Russell's Periodic Chart and consists of elements of the past two decades, including all song titles, labels that released our albums, stoner and doom supportive organizations that were important to us in our early days and more. Hit this line to get to our merch site.

Demo songs compilation on Bandcamp

Toner Low released a download version of a compilation of songs from early demotapes, split 7-inches and a Motorwolf Records sampler, that so far only had been available as a limited cd release. It can be found on Bandcamp.

Double vinyls at Heavy Ripples Distribution (USA)

Toner Low III double vinyls are available in the USA at Heavy Ripples, pressed on 180 gram green vinyl. Follow the link toward the riff filled shop...

Album III at Big Cartel and Bandcamp

The Toner Low III album is available on vinyl at Toner Low's Big Cartel store and as digital download on Bandcamp.

Video for third Toner Low album online

Audio: part of "One"

Released on the second album (2008) [edit].mp3